About Us

The Internet Is not a Luxury it is a Necessity

President Barrack Obama

Mobile data usage is increasing daily and as data usage goes up, the value of data is also going up. according to an article published by Mybroadband the demand for data is forever going up and South Africans need affordable data as you may know our country has one of the most expensive data plans.

Regular people in most cases they do not have time to go looking for data offers and comparing them. that is where companies like ours come in. We look for the best offers and bring them to you. we help Service Providers who have great offers but are not popular. we bring them to you by offering an easy to use Web form even help clients register via whatapp or even facebook, making your registration process more easy to use.

So who is Manruhost you may still wonder

MANRUHOST is an Internet service provider we provide.

home broadband fixed LTE (4G) which is capped/limited.
Premium Fiber which is uncapped / unshaped . brought to you by Supersonic (for more information Visit) http://www.supersonic.co.za/Pages/Home.aspx

We believe our prices for Data packages are fair and affordable for customers to get access to the internet.

We started this business because In this day and age having access to the internet has become a big part of our everyday life and a part of budget just like the bills, we have to pay monthly for data. Not having a budget for data you normally wouldn’t know how much you spending on data, but that could be more than R 200 or so. let us be real we pay a lot more for data than we like to think

At Manruhost we have come up with ways for you to have more data for less money, giving you a chance to experience your favorite things like surfing, online shopping, and getting access to those emails on the move.

Do your Assignments, Check Your Emails, Access Your online banking or Connect the whole house to WI-FI.

When You Buy Data with us you Save