Does my data roll-over and for how long?

Yes, your all your data will have validity of 30-days with an additional 30-days roll-over (total validity period of 60 days) from activation.

Can I have a SIM only package?

No You cannot have sim only package, Reason is the router is free to use at no extra cost to you, you are charged for the data service you use. You may choose not to use the router after you get it, but we highly advise to use it for the best high quality for LTE.

Can I use this service on the go or only at certain locations?

The Home Broadband service is designed to be used at your home, and Supersonic will lock the service to the address for where you place an order to use the service

How long does it take for my home broadband service to be active after I pay?

Once you’ve paid, we’ll arrange for a courier to deliver your router within a 72-hour period, once we’ve RICA’d you upon delivery, we’ll have your service active within the next 2(two) to 24(twenty-four) hours. Due to the LockDown this might take up to 7 (Seven) days to get your package.

I want this Package what do i need to get it?

We need to check if there coverage in your area first, if there is than you need the following, Valid Home address, Email you can access, Phone Number and ID / Passport. If you have that, You can Apply online by filling in the web form.
Or send us a WhatsApp on 071 270 8463

In what order does my data deplete?

Your oldest applicable data will always deplete first, for example, if you’re watching a movie at 1AM and you have some Night data rolling over from last month, the rolled-over data will deplete first, then your Night data for the current month, and if all of your Night data is depleted before 6AM, you’ll start depleting the oldest Anytime data, and lastly your To-Up data.

Can i get Cellphone or Laptop Deals?

No at the moment Manruhost offers only data deals. But keep checking our page for Future updates

Yes I want this order, I have all the requirements

Than Please go to the website, by following the link below, it will take you to our website and you will fell in your information, it takes two minutes or so. fill it in than we will get back to you with your reference. click below to be taken to our website and place your order.

Why is my data being used faster on an LTE connection compared to the 3G network connection?

Although the B612 Home Broadband product does not make use of the slower 3G and 2G networks at all, having a higher speed often makes some applications more data intensive, as an example, Netflix uses dynamic compression algorithms, which lowers video resolution on lower speed connections resulting in less data being consumed. We recommend that you check your application settings which allow you customise your data consumption to your needs where possible, like for example, setting the different video resolutions of your streaming services.

Why do you charge a cancellation fee?

Any cancellations within the first 6 (six) months from initial sign-up, will incur a R600 cancellation charge. This fee is to recover promotional value (SIM card, delivery, administration, activation etc.) which is amortised over this 6-month term – this means that the amount payable decreases from R600 in the first month of activation, to R0 at the end of the 6th month.

What does “free-to-use” router mean?

This means that the ISP will supply a router with the service, the use of which will not incur additional charges to the monthly subscription. This also means that Supersonic will always retain ownership of the router and customers will be required to return the router to the ISP upon cancellation of services. If they are unable to return the router, or if it has been damaged, the cancelling customer will be charged the insurance replacement value at the time of the cancellation.