Are are always worried about the data you spend?

Stop worrying, and relax, because manruhost is here to sort you out. did you know you spend alot more on daily data for less that you do with monthly data? i mean someone might say, but i dont have enough money for monthly data, so i can only buy data for today? Well if that is what you saying, than what about tommorrrow ? where are you getting data for than? it makes more sense for people to spend less daily than to spend just once a month, just buying 5rand daily data you spend R 150 a month give or take. with manruhost you can spend just a bit more for 60GB and your whole family is sorted or friends, or spouse, whoever you choose to share your data with. whats more is that can even watch videos on youtube now and again without worry.

But thats it for today what out for our next post and and blog coming soon.

From Manruhost, I am the Tech Guy

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6 thoughts on “Are are always worried about the data you spend?

    1. Hi Jaco

      Unfortunately not at the moment, for now it is Just fixed LTE and Fibre,
      We are still developing such solutions for the future

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