Security Issues and The Internet

With the age of the personal computer being the in thing, we must constantly monitor the activity of children on the Internet. The World Wide Web is filled with an abundance of unsafe sites that children certainly should not have access to. It is rather unfortunate that many parents simply do not know about computers with which to implement proper security systems that restrict the Internet content available for the viewing of young children. In not knowing how to restrict the websites that young children can view, parents can be unintentionally putting their kids in harm’s way.

This can seem like a hustle, in most cases it is best to educate the kids with such things, but knowing how teens like to experience new things, they sometimes end up using the internet in a bad way, such as bullying other kids what we call Cyber Bullying or they end up being Cyberbullied themselves. At a young age being bullied online can seem like it’s the end of the road for you. Of course, this affects adults as well, the once we get to see and hear about are celebrities being bullied by fans of another celebrity or just people who have formed a movement against a celebrity.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

These are an example of celebrity fans bullying the other celebrity. This may sound like it is just fans defending the honor of their role model, but at what cost do you make this happen. This article is not based on this topic of course but just an example of how Celebrities can also be victims of bullying. We will not dwell much on this Topic either but just pointing out one of the dangers of having great access to the internet.

Back in the days

Growing up the internet was more of a luxury when even chatting seemed like more of a cool kid kind of thing. Most of us spent hours playing on the Nokia 3310 which was the most popular phone. Having internet was something only a few had, with no need for wifi at the time. Our kids were safe from being exposed to the dangers of Online Bullying, Predators, Scams, and Pornography. It was so hard that even when phones moved to models like the Samsung E250, it seemed like we were ahead of our time. We were able to google and browse a few things, Data was still costly back then. Of Couse, our phones did not need gigs back then, but we spent kilobytes to Megabytes.

Those innocent times are gone and now even a Fourteen-year-old has a youtube account and Twitter followers, some more than others. With things like Snapchat and Ticktock, our kids are forever exposing themselves to the world, each wanting to be more popular and viral. It has become easy for kids to put themselves in danger and even expose where they live.

Moving with the times

Back than predators lurked by chat rooms and waiting to chat with our children, these days it has become easier, since they can just follow them on Apps or follow them on Facebook without becoming their friends, in some cases, they even go as far as being friends with them on social media. With everyone wanting the most friends and wanting the most followers everyone will be bound to accept just about anyone, as such children can easily become entangled with some such adverse character. Laws have been established suggesting that a lack of restriction if done knowingly, could result in fines and/or imprisonment. Thus not only is it important to understand the potential threats on the internet and know how to combat these threats for your children’s sake, but it is also equally as important for your sake. Along with the threats posed by Social Media, the Internet contains a plethora of other offensive materials that, under no circumstances, should be approved for viewing by young children.

In the end

Restricting the content is a relatively simple task to accomplish. Having some background knowledge with computers will certainly make the process a much more efficient one though. There are several ways to go about monitoring and restricting the content available on the Internet and the more direct of which involves consulting and manually adjusting the level of security via the internet options accessed through a web browser. There you will be presented with many options to choose from and the process is clearly outlined. The alternative method involves consulting the settings inside the main hard disk drive and it follows in much the same manner as the previous technique.

This would be the way to go about it a few years ago, but these days it is easier with Windows 8 and 10 for Microsoft and the help of your router. With just a few buttons away you can choose when your kids can have access to the internet even monitor how long they have been online, with some apps you can even see what they see. This has caused some controversy, some saying this is the same as evading once Privacy, but others saying if it is your child who is under age it is ok to make decisions for them.  But then another issue is trust, we need to trust them so they can believe in themselves others will say, they too young for that.

In the end, it comes down to the parent/s they get to choose how best to go about this. But the most important thing is to protect our children, we each go about it our different ways, and well how we decide this will play a part in what you expose your kids to or don’t expose them to.



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