Should i get Fibre or LTE?

If you own a computer – and in today’s world who doesn’t – sooner or later, you will want to have access to the Internet. The Internet for some is the Holy Grail of the modern age, and not having access to it is seen in some quarters as sacrilege.

But how do you connect to this Holy Grail – the Internet?

You need an Internet Service Provider or ISP who will give you access and you need to decide between Home Broadband LTE which uses a regular Simcard and Router, and Fibre service which, Home-broadband is uses Fast-LTE also knows as F-LTE or Fibre which uses Light technology much faster. Do not get thrown off by all the computer talk.  The option really is yours to decide on the type of service you need especially if you are working within a budget. You must first determine what you will be using the Internet to do.  If you will be checking email and accessing the Internet occasionally, then, you may need to consider F-LTE.  LTE or 4G service is cheap with a couple of disadvantages.  It uses towers to connect to the ISP’s network and these simcards normally are not made to load airtime or send out SMS’s, they normally just load data from the ISP and work. You cannot even use them to check for balance.

With Fast-LTE service, you need to make sure that the ISP has coverage in your area, just like the service we offer from supersonic, before we ca proceed with your application we need to first check if you have coverage.

 Additionally, for Fast-LTE, you will need to ensure that you have the right hardware to interface with the ISP’s network.  Normally you might need a good Router, approved, our Router the B612 is the minimum requirement anything lower that that will result in you getting no connection at all. If you have made up your mind that F-LTE is for you than you can go ahead and place an order with us. Our offer comes with a Free to use router, Simcard and Delivery from the lower price of R 249.00

Some service providers will have their offers as well but with us we always provide you with quality service you can rely on, all you need to do is have Fibre Coverage in your area.

Fibre is faster and more reliable than F-LTE, since it does not rely on towers like 4G and bad weather do not really get in its way. Higher speed downloads at a faster rate, and they do not fluctuate like they would with 4G.   

If you have a smart phone you can install an app to monitor data usage with F-LTE, but with Fibre normally you get unlimited uncapped data.  You can buy a LTE Router or your ISP may include one with the plan you choose. Another option, You can just use your phone to connect your computer to internet, smart phones these days are able to give high download and Upload speeds.  Although the Routers for LTE can top speed up to 300Mbps some can even have higher speeds, Fibre is still faster and still rules, of course in the next few year we are going to see the introduction of 5G, which will be said match Fibre, although since the technology is still new, it will be a while before we can see  that happening.

5G  can be expensive and the installation process will take a while before it can reach most areas, we have providers like Rain who have started offering data plans that offer 5G, provided you have cover depending where you are. Still there is a better chance of getting Fibre than that of getting 5G, and yet there is even a better chance of getting LTE than Fibre. Most areas, even suburbs still do not have Fibre, but we can see it being enrolled more and more these days.

One very important point to consider if you will be using a broadband connection is is to make sure you have coverage and another thing is data usage, you always need to be careful of the data you use make sure your phone or computer does not have background downloads which may consume a lot of data. If you are watching Videos, make sure to set the at low resolution.

With Fibre you do not have to worry much about this, you just enjoy it. So having said that which one do you think is best?

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